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After years of work, releasing INDIANA into a global pandemic was a nightmare, and it would have been fair to assume that maybe The Unfortunate Return would call it quits. Tours were cancelled. Promotion was almost impossible. The lineup changed, with David moving to Los Angeles and Joey taking a full time gig with The Ocoee Boys. Things were bleak.

Instead of quitting, the band leaned into the misery and have released an entirely different EP - DEAR SON. Where INDIANA was pristinely recorded with Brandon Guyton, DEAR SON is ragged - representing the subject matter at hand - Mental health.

The songs are anxious, and the lyrics spare no one's feelings. Instead of rehearsing, Alderman went into the studio and cut one vocal and guitar track for each song and then walked away, letting producer Cody Manning and the other musicians interpret the songs how they heard them. The result is achingly beautiful and low-fi.

Maybe they never left, but with a new lineup, a new album, and new tour dates, The Unfortunate Return are certainly back.

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